The C-Word Pilot Analysis

Now that you've had time to digest the first couple of episodes of The C-Word; I have decided to do an analysis of the pilot. Through this analysis you'll see why I put certain things into the script and you might even learn a thing or two you didn't know about the characters.


The pilot begins with lead character Nyle, his cousin Justin, and his cousin's line brother Jeremy, playing cards and drinking that good ol Hennessy. The relationship between the three men is not really explained, except for when Justin says "Don't listen to my cousin. He was born with a black non-beating heart." It's assumed that Nyle and Jeremy are friends because he gives him horrible advice when it came to his relationship, but in actuality, they are just acquaintances and know each other through Justin.

During the conversation about Jeremy's relationship, I wanted to show that there is always at least one level-headed one in the group. Justin tries to reassure Jeremy about waiting, but Nyle sweeps in with the advice of entertaining the girl from his class. I wanted to show this because not only would it shape Nyle's character and his mindset, but it also reflects the mindset of many men and even women in today's society. People are no longer waiting, and if they're "forced" to wait, most end up cheating. People have the mindset of securing the wife/husband for the future, but still during their dirt on the side until their ready to truly settle down.

The next scene is a year later and Nyle is still on his shenanigans. He meets up with his best friend Dee, whose real name is actually Dondre. His real name is never revealed, but when I was writing the script I wrote what his real name is. Nyle discusses needing a new line up of ladies and talks about a day party at Blind Whino. If you're from the DMV area, you know what Blind Whino. But if you don't know, it's an art exhibit venue that hosts parties and events. Of course Dee and Nyle are plotting to go back because the last time, Nyle brought a girl home while Dee was trying to meet up with his "girlfriend" Janet. In that conversation, they also discuss Nyle's date with Vicky. Nyle believes that since he'll be with two women in one day, he'll get to have sex with both of them.

Later in the day Nyle meets up with Vicky for their movie date. Originally in the script it was written that Nyle had met Vicky at the club some months earlier but she kept curving him. She probably was listening to her intuition at first, but somehow fell for Nyle's charm. She accepts the date and actually has a good time with him. They kiss before he has to meet with his "main chick," and obviously there's a sense of awkwardness but also mystery. Nyle's "main chick" texts him because he's late for their date and in typical player fashion, he lies and says he had to pick Dee up. *side eye* Men and women lie like this everyday, so I wanted to show how easy it was for him to lie and face her like nothing happened.

After his date with Vicky, Nyle rolls on over to his house to meet Kay, whose real name is Karisa. She asks if Dee is OK, and it's clear that Nyle is lying. He's a bit hesitant. Then Kay asks why he never says that he loves her too because he read her message and didn't respond. Instead of being honest, Nyle blames it on him not being an emotional guy. He tries to soften the moment with a kiss, but Kay looks annoyed. And in that same night she ends up sleeping with him. She couldn't resist. Yeah he doesn't say he loves her too, and yeah he just might be lying about why he was late, but the sex is bomb and she loves him. Soul tie or nah? I wanted to display the dysfunctional nature of their relationship. He's lying to her but it always gets swept under the rug.

At the end of the pilot, it all blows up in Nyle's face. He thought he would never get caught, and boom Vicky texts him. Kay is awakened by Nyle's phone vibrating. His phone is face-down like the player handbook says, and she looks like she doesn't want invade his privacy but also feels like something is wrong. I knew many women would be able to relate to this part and also men because they've had women go through their phones.

Kay storms out of the house while Nyle follows her asking her what the problem is. Her heart gushes out with all her emotion when she says that she didn't want a relationship until she fell in love with him. Many men use the situationship excuse when it comes to hurting people their involved with. If you don't want a relationship then act that way. You can't do boyfriend things. It's confusing to women and they always end up hurt in the end. It's clear that Nyle doesn't feel as deeply for Kay then she does for him, but she's his safety net. If all else fails, he can go back to her. That is until she caught him "cheating." Some will say he didn't cheat because they didn't have a title, but what we can all agree on is that he was not completely honest with her. He should've let her know he was dating other people. Him hiding the other women makes it wrong, especially because Kay was dating him exclusively. Ultimately, Kay leaves Nyle in the dust.

What did you think about the pilot?


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